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Bungalow Design A80

Bungalow Design A80

  • To fit lot size: 85'x 120' 
  • Built-up Area: 5931sft.
  • 5+1 Bedrooms with bathroom attached
  • This house design comes with a very wide frontage of 120’ that usually can afford better spatial planning and opportunities for large home designs of this scale.
  • It has a central courtyard design concept with distinct dual functions: a large lap pool and a private garden of which is totally shunned from the public domain for added privacy and security.
  • A H-shape courtyard home with its well-defined centripetal focus of spaces epitomize a modern-day wall castle that creates an ultimate safe and secured sanctuary for the homeowners.
  • Lap pool at the back of the house is designed to shield from the public eyes. It also acts as a moat to deter intruders into the house. The pool is designed to have at least 1.2M deep of water.
  • 1.8M high Fairfaced concreate perimeter walls are designed to define and secure loose site boundaries thereby give strong protection and enhance security for the house.
  • Park 3 big cars easily side by side
  • Major living rooms and bedrooms are configured to facing this internal courtyard
  • Master Bedroom is a private sanctuary of this home design, and it is intentionally placed on the ground floor of the house. The master bedroom gives the ultimate security and protection for the owners as it is the only room on the ground floor level that is surrounded by walled garden.
  • The master bedroom has a direct access to a private study room for own convenience.
  • From the private study, there is a spiral staircase that leads to the upper floor that house an AV room. This way the masters can have the direct access to their beloved AV room located right above their master bedroom on the ground floor without going through the main staircase of the house which located on the other end of the house. This added security gives the peace of mind, security and convenience to the owners.
  • The master bedroom is also attached to the lap pool located right at the back of the house. This way the owners can have direct access to the pool for a morning or late-afternoon swim without going through the more public areas of the house.
  • The right wing of the house is intentionally carved to be used as the private domain of the owners.
  • On the left wing of the upper floor are 2 additional and sizeable bedrooms with own attached bathrooms and balcony. One bedroom is facing the pool whilst the other bedroom is facing the internal garden courtyard.
  • The house is essentially a H-shaped design where maximum daylighting and cross ventilation is optimized. These will ensure the general well-beings of the occupants that allow them to get access to the sunlight, nice breezes, and good air from the nature.
  • Right below the left wing of the house is the kitchen space. The kitchen is attached to the pool for visual connections especially when they are small children playing at the pool area. It is also for practical reason to serve food to the back terrace when a pool party is hosted.
  • The garage is designed next to the kitchen and work yard so that food delivery can be sent straight to the kitchen without passing the main living hall.
  • One interesting and bold aspect of the house is the large and elongated Family Room that is on the upper level. The long room is designed to serve as a family gathering space for the family members. It has views to the front courtyard garden and the enclosed pool terrace at the rear of the house. The portion of the house is fully glazed so that it gives unobstructed views to the internal gardens and the scenery beyond the house boundaries.
  • This is an incredibly simple and yet exceptionally beautiful home design with practical functions and pleasurable spaces for extreme quietude and loud private parties.
  • The central courtyard design concept brings in extra daylight and makes sure well circulation of air flows in and around the house in the hot and humid weather.
  • It is a robust good design for the discerning few; simple, elegant, and mystical. It manifests the luxurious tropical living lifestyle at its best.
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