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What Would You Like to Know?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in this website. If you cannot find the answer that you want, you may email your question to and we will be happy to answer that for you.


Do you sell other types of home plans other than the bungalow home plans?

We only provide bungalow home plans for download. We might consider other types of house plans in the future.

What do I do with the home plans after I download it?

There are 2 types of files for download. The type is called the pdf. files where you need a software called Acrobat Reader to open it. The second type is called the AutoCAD dwg. files where you need the AutoCAD software to open it.

Can I change the design to suit my own requirements?

Only the dwg. files are editable but you will need the AutoCAD software to do it.

How do I go about it?

If you are familiar with the AutoCAD software then you may edit the design yourself. Otherwise you will need to engage and architect, an draughtsperson or an engineer to do it for you. Most of them know how to operate this software.

Can I construct my home with the design that I download from your website?

The design you download is mainly for schematic purpose only. To construct your house you will need the normal procedure of engaging the specialist consultants like the architects and engineers to do it for you. Most professional consultants are able to advise you on that. For example, you need planning and building plans approvals from the local authorities before commencement of the building works on site. Detail information like specifications and compliance withe the local building codes would be advised by the respective consultants.

If I do not have a credit card or a debit card, can I still buy home plans from you?

Yes you may.  Upon your special request we will mail the drawings to you. We will levy a fee on postage depending on destinations.

I am a housing developer, can I use your design for multiple dwelling?

Yes you can.

Do you offer more detailed construction plans in your website?

In most cases we don't but you may request us via email.

How do I know if the design that I want fits my budget?

Each design comes with some detailed information about the size and built-up areas. You may consult your cost consultants of your area to arrive at a more accurate pricing of the likely cost of the design.

I have a piece of bungalow plot and how do I know if the design I like from your website fits my plot of land?

The minimum bungalow lot size in terms of width and length will be mentioned in every design to guide you. You have also need to check with your local consultants and building authorities for further setback and planning requirements.

If my plot of land is sloppy, can your design fit into the lot?

There are some designs in our design catalogs are catered fro sloppy land. Mostly are not. However there are detailed information in each design to tell you which ones are suitable and would fit which gradient of slopes.

Can I also download the graphical images of your website?

So far we do not allow such images for downloads.

If I can't find anything I like in the catalogs of designs, what shall I do?

You may wait for next sessions of uploads from us. We will regularly add new designs into our website.

Will your design be approved by the Local Approving Authorities?

Our bungalow designs are designed to comply with the Uniform Building By-laws of Malaysia. However we advise that you consult with your local architects or consultants to be sure. We do not guarantee approvals from your local councils.

Do I need other consultants like architects and engineers to carry on the home building process?

Yes you need local architects and engineers to help you endorse the home plans and to fill up the specifics onto the design to get the necessary council approvals before commencement of work on site. Again this is largely depend on the area you want the building works to start. For our overseas customers, this may vary largely from the conditions we just mentioned above.

Can I download more than one copy of the designs and other bungalow designs?

Yes you are most welcomed to purchase more of the designs you like.

What areas does Neuhomes Development work in?

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